• Cross-vendor comparison by reseach product citation
  • Research network to search scientists by expertise
  • Research trend prediction through funding analysis

Our Quest


LINKSciences features a data-empowering scientific network. We link together the essentials of science: products, projects, and most importantly people. You are able to find the answers to these questions:

  • WHICH antibody/product best suits your specific research purpose;
  • WHO are the experts and researchers for the research of your interest;
  • HOW to find a promising research/technology for your interests, career and investment.

How It Works

  • Real product usage data from scientific publications
  • Comprehensive coverage and completely unbiased
  • Specific results available in seconds
  • Systematic expert network timely updated
  • Precisely match your specific research interests
  • Easily expand your research network
  • Comprehensive research coverage
  • In-depth analysis for your designated field
  • Visualize the past, present and future of your research